Golden Gate Canyon Engagement

Golden Gate Canyon Engagement

It was a February miracle! Sylvia and Brandon told us back in January that they really wanted snow for their Golden Gate Canyon engagement session. This being Colorado, I figured there was little hope for that, particularly when the temp was in the 70s earlier that week. Nonetheless, the snow gods saw it fit to bless us on Friday night with some flurries, so we trekked around the snow-covered park on Saturday with their dogs, Jericho and Raphael.

Jericho and Raphael enjoy the snow as much as their owners. Jericho takes a more active approach to snow; he loves to jump up and bite any snow flurries in the air. If he sees snow falling from the sky, he’ll try to eat it; if it stops falling, he’ll bark at the sky asking for more. Raphael, on the other hand, loves to lie down in a nice snow bank and devour the snow that gloms to his paws.

After playing with the pups in the snow, we made the winding drive up to Pinecliffe, where the railroad intersects the tiny mountain town. Just as we arrived, the storm that had been rolling in all afternoon arrived and the snow began to lightly fall. Later, Jesse and I realized that this was the first photo shoot we’ve done with a couple where we captured falling snow!

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