What makes us different

Our work is…

The highest compliment we receive is, “Wow, your pictures are so…different!” We got tired of seeing the same old wedding photos over and over, so when we started our wedding photography business in 2008, we decided we were going to be, well… different.

Our photos feature rich color, genuine emotion, and dramatic angles and lighting. After all, we live in “Colorful Colorado,” so we try our best to do it justice.

We like to create images that can stand alone as fine art landscape or architectural photographs. Whether it’s one of Colorado’s awe-inspiring mountain vistas or the urbane elegance of a venue in downtown Denver, we believe it’s important to integrate the beauty of the surrounding environs into your wedding photos.

We understand the intricacies of light and composition. At the end of the day, our goal is to make a piece of art that’s worthy of hanging on your wall.


We are…

Weddings don’t always go according to plan. But that’s okay! If the weather isn’t cooperating, we’ll have a ton of cool photo ideas incorporating the elements. If your reception is running late and you need us to stay later than planned, no problem. If you have to change your venue at the last minute due to a flood (and yes, this has happened), we won’t bat an eye. It’s your wedding’s eccentricities that will make it unique, and as your photographers, we’re willing and able to roll with the punches.

Easy to work with
We’re not easily stressed. We think it’s important for photographers to have a calming presence at a wedding. Everyone’s heard a story about a “drill-sergeant” wedding photographer who bossed everyone around all day. We like to let a wedding unfold naturally. It makes for more unique photo opportunities and promotes a relaxed and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

We’ve been shooting weddings for over eight years. Jesse has a Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism and worked full-time as a professional photojournalist before switching over to wedding photography. Moira’s background is in event planning; she was the assistant director of presidential events at Georgetown University. Long story short, we know our shit.

Before your wedding, we thoroughly scout your venue and surrounding environs. We take test shots and devise backup plans in case of inclement weather. We put together a timeline of your day and compile a list of important family and wedding party members. In other words, we come prepared.

We’ve climbed mountains, shimmied onto rooftops, stopped rush hour traffic and photographed from the trunk of a moving car. When it comes to making art, we find that the ends usually justify the means.