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6 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

So, you’re planning your wedding and you want to do something cool and unique for your send off when you exit your reception. Sparklers have been the go-to for newlyweds for years, but you might be looking to shake things up a bit. Also, if you’re getting married in a dry climate, you probably don’t want to do sparklers anyway, due to the fire hazard it creates. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are six unique wedding send off ideas that we’ve seen work wonderfully.

Thematic wedding send off ideas

All credit to the bride and groom for this kick-ass wedding exit idea. The groom and all of his groomsmen were fire fighters and they brought along a handful of industrial grade fire extinguishers for the ceremony exit. Unfortunately, there was thunder and lightning in the afternoon, so we had to cut the ceremony short.
But this meant that we still had the fire extinguishers available for some creative nighttime photography!

unique wedding send off ideas

Eco-friendly wedding exit ideas

This was a fall-themed wedding in Boulder County and we wanted to do something a little different for the send-off. We purchased biodegradable confetti cannons (they dissolve with moisture), fired them into the air lit them with an orange light to mimic falling leaves.

unique wedding send off ideas bride and groom confetti cannon exit

If you’re getting married in the fall and have access to fallen leaves, scoop them up and use them, just like Julie and Kim did for their amazing September wedding at Wild Basin Lodge.

bride and bride aspen leaves wedding send off

Creative wedding send off ideas

The kids will love this one. Plus, it’s super cheap. All you need is a handful of bubble blowers and you can create a whimsical bubble send off for you and your bride or groom.

unique wedding send off ideas bride and groom bubble exit

This is probably the second most popular choice for a wedding send off after sparklers, because it has a similar look and feel without the possibility of causing a fire.

bride and groom glow stick wedding exit

This was one of our personal favorite wedding send off ideas of all time. It was nearly 100 degrees in Boulder for this July wedding, so Amanda and Brian decided to do a squirt gun exit to cool off at the end of a long night of dancing. We also had a couple bottles of Perrier in the car, which we gave to guests to shake up and spray to get more water in the air. Everyone had a blast and it looked great on camera.

unique wedding send off ideas bride and groom squirt gun exit

Thanks for reading! If you want more ideas for your wedding send off, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We have a treasure trove of ideas, but could only fit a handful in this article. Cheers!

Interested in getting some cool photos of your own?
Reach out and we’ll brainstorm ideas together.

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