star wars themed wedding in the Rocky Mountains
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Backyard Wedding in Boulder

When I say “backyard wedding,” what pops into your mind? Picnic tables, maybe a small tent? Erin and Kevin’s definitely had that. How about “backyard wedding in Boulder”? Mountain views in the background? A dog exploring to its heart’s content? Erin and Kevin’s wedding also had that, times four.

But regardless of what you’re imagining, I would bet that it doesn’t include a giant reservoir in the backyard. Or a ceremony perched on the side of a mountain sloping down to said reservoir. Or a multitude of handmade details lovingly designed and crafted by the couple and their family.

For anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that my favorite part was the dogs. There were dogs everywhere, each with their own personality. Domino was the quiet matriarch of the crew. Dexter was happy-go-lucky, but he also took his groomsman duties very seriously. Dobbie didn’t really know what was going on, but he was extremely excited to be part of it.

As if you needed any more details to be jealous of, there were the light sabers. Originally, Erin and Kevin’s plan was to party under the light of the full moon. That particular idea was thwarted by clouds. But I’d argue that the party was even better illuminated by lightsabers.

Erin and Kevin, you two were so much fun to hang with. Your friends and family were warm and friendly. And your dogs didn’t sense my desperation to be friends with them – or if they did, they allowed it to happen instead of running for the hills. Thank you so much for including us in your celebration!

(Side note to Cindy and Rick…can we have first dibs if you ever decide to move? Aw, who am I kidding? Why would you even think of leaving that place?)

Venue: Private residence
Catering: A Spice of Life
Everything else: Handmade by the amazing Erin and Kevin and their wonderful family (yes, even the tables!)

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