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Behind the Scenes

We’ve photographed weddings for nearly nine years, and during that time we’ve collected hundreds upon hundreds of “behind the scenes” candid shots of ourselves working. Whether taken by me or Moira or by an assistant or an aspiring photographer who came along to “shadow” us, these photos always seem to offer a unique perspective into the creative process.

We never include these images in our client galleries, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of our favorite behind-the-scenes shots from over the years (viewed here in reverse-chronological order). Where appropriate, I’ve included the actual photograph being taken in the behind-the-scenes shot to answer the ever-present question, “Just what in the hell is my wedding photographer doing?”

*Most photos taken by Jesse La Plante and Moira Kennedy. Additional images by Jeana Maynard, Bonnie Sizer, Mathew Irving, and another kid whose name we can’t remember.


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