Best Wedding Venues
in Denver/Boulder


Planning a Wedding in Denver

The capital of Colorado and by far the largest city in the Centennial State, Denver has something for everyone. Concert venues, comedy clubs, art museums and galleries, botanic gardens, parks, restaurants, breweries, night clubs, amusement parks and all four major sports teams, making it one of only two cities west of the Mississippi with that claim to fame (the other two being Phoenix and Los Angeles). And, as you can probably imagine, there are countless unique Denver wedding venues to choose from, both within the city limits and further afield. From chic downtown hotel rooftops to gritty urban venue spaces, Denver has it all.

Start by considering which part of the city appeals to you most and what type of vibe you’re going for with your wedding. Are you looking for an upscale, modern style? If so, then start by checking out some of the higher-end hotels in the downtown area, such as the Curtis, The Maven, The Grand Hyatt, The Four Seasons, etc. Or if you’re hoping for more of a gritty urban vibe for your wedding, we would recommend starting your search in the River North Art District (RiNo), where gritty urban wedding venues abound. Or would you like to incorporate a bit of nature into your urban wedding? If so, you can always tie the knot in one of Denver’s beautiful parks or botanic gardens, which will give you the best of both worlds.

Possibly the primary benefit of having a Denver wedding is convenience. Denver International Airport is a hub for many major airlines and there are a million hotels and restaurants for your out-of-town guests to choose from. Plus, there are about four million of every type of wedding vendor you could possibly hope to have in Denver, so wedding planning will be easier than if you’re getting married in a small mountain town.

Denver is a panoply of different styles, so regardless of what type of venue you’re looking to book for your wedding, you will have endless options. Start by checking out a few of our favorites below.

Denver Wedding Venues

The Brown Palace

Looking for a wedding venue with a ton of interesting architectural elements, award-winning food and several ceremony and reception space options? Look no further! In the heart of downtown Denver, there’s also no shortage of photo opportunities.

Check out Emily and Tyler’s Disney Villain-inspired Brown Palace wedding to see more!

Cielo at Castle Pines

Located just south of Denver in Castle Rock, Cielo at Castle Pines is an all-inclusive wedding venue with all the frills. It provides the best of both worlds, in that it feels secluded yet it’s also super close to the city so your guests won’t have to travel far or even drive into the mountains to get there.

Check out Sheridan and Danny’s wedding at Cielo at Castle Pines to see more!

The Clock Tower

Perfect for intimate weddings and receptions, the Clock Tower is centrally located in downtown Denver. With three unique levels, your guests can enjoy amazing views of the city while they celebrate your big day.

Check out Hanna and Dan’s Denver Clock Tower wedding to see more!

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms

The lesser-known Denver Botanic Gardens, Chatfield Farms is a massive, sprawling complex of trees and flora that makes you feel like you’re out in the country, even though it’s just a short drive south of Denver. There are a ton of different ceremony and reception sites at Chatfield Farms and the venue can easily handle multiple weddings per day.

Check out these images from real weddings at the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms!

Grand Hyatt Denver

For those looking for sweeping vistas of the Rocky Mountains without the hassle of driving into the mountains, look no further than a Pinnacle Club wedding on the 38th floor of the Grand Hyatt Denver. This is a great option if you have guests coming to Colorado from sea level and are concerned about how they’ll fare at the higher altitudes. Plus, this might be the best Denver wedding venue to view an iconic Colorado sunset.

Check out Tova and Aaron’s Grand Hyatt Denver wedding here!

History Colorado

Imagine having your wedding on the set of “Night at the Museum” and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what a wedding at History Colorado is like. A museum and a wedding venue in one, History Colorado is one of the coolest places we’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. The cocktail reception area is on the fourth-floor balcony, overlooking the high-rises of downtown Denver and the reception ballroom is laid out over a massive terrain map of Colorado. Oh, and the exhibits are a blast to walk through if you have the time.

Check out Rashni and Gehs’s History Colorado wedding to see more!


Ironworks is a brand new venue owned by the good people of Mile High Station, which is directly next door. Both venues are housed in old ironworks buildings with a sort of urban chic vibe, just southeast of the Broncos stadium at Mile High. If a high percentage of your guests are coming in from out of town and you don’t want them to have to drive into the mountains, Ironworks is a solid option.

Check out Frances and Bryce’s fall wedding at Ironworks to see more!

JW Marriott Cherry Creek

The JW Marriott in Cherry Creek is an uber chic and modern hotel in the middle of Denver’s ritziest neighborhood. The hotel rooms are stylish, the in-hotel restaurant is trendy and the rooftop wedding ceremony location provides striking views of the surrounding environs. Plus, there’s a really cool art installation in the adjacent alley that makes for all sorts of creative wedding photo ops.

Oh, and we ran into Peyton Manning the last time we photographed a wedding here!

Check out Patricia and Kevin’s JW Marriott Cherry Creek wedding to see more!

Manor House

The Manor House is a little taste of the East Coast in Colorado. Regal white pillars adorn the entryway of this historic venue which dates back to the early 20th century (1914, to be exact). My favorite thing about the Manor House is that it offers vistas of both the Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline simultaneously. There aren’t a ton of wedding venues in Colorado that have that claim to fame.

Check out Kristin and Matt’s Manor House wedding to see more!

Mile High Station

Located just south of Broncos Stadium, Mile High Station occupies an old steel and ironworks building, dating back to the late 19th century. This Denver wedding venue has a sort of chic, yet somehow rustic feel that provides a cool and unique alternative to the more traditional Colorado mountain venues our state is so well known for. It’s also walking distance from a perfect view of the Denver skyline.

*Note: A partner venue called Ironworks opened in 2019 next door to Mile High Station, so you have two really cool venues to choose from!

Check out the photos from Landon and Tyler’s Mile High Station wedding!

Sanctuary Golf Course

When I first heard the origin story of Sanctuary Golf Course, I was absolutely blown away. The owner constructed the course primarily for himself and his wife, who is physically disabled. Despite being extremely hilly (it’s laid out on a series of terraces) the course is 100% ADA friendly with a plethora of paved catwalks guiding players from tee to tee. Further contributing to the mystique, you can’t golf here. It’s not open to the public and it’s not a club. It’s invitation only. So while you’re waiting for that invitation to arrive in the mail, you can get some really cool wedding photos here!

Check out Christine and Dan’s fall wedding or Michelle and Joe’s misty wedding at Sanctuary Golf Course to see more!

University of Denver

Wedding ceremonies at the University of Denver take place in the Evans Memorial Chapel, which is a cute little church located in the middle of the DU campus. The wedding receptions are just a short walk away in the Fritz Knoebel building. The architecture and foliage on the DU campus always makes for wonderful wedding photos and the reception is staffed entirely by DU students who are majoring in hospitality.

Check out Allison and Phil’s University of Denver wedding to see more!

Wellshire Inn

Pick from three different ceremony sites at this inclusive wedding venue located on the edge of a golf course. The historic building includes both a bridal suite and groom’s room, as well as indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding day activities.

Check out Cortney and Justin’s Wellshire Inn wedding to see more!


Planning a Wedding in Boulder

Boulder is one of those cities that’s known for its counter culture. It’s kind of like a smaller version of Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas. It’s also home to the University of Colorado, so the population goes way down in the summer, which is conveniently the peak wedding season here in Colorado. Whether you’re going for an urban style for your wedding or something a little more rustic and secluded, there are plenty of unique Boulder wedding venues to choose from that fit all tastes and styles.

Boulder will always hold a special place in our hearts because it was the first place we lived when we migrated to Colorado way back in 2008. It’s changed a lot in the years since, but it’s retained all of its charm. We still reside in Boulder County, just a few miles outside the city limits because Boulder is super expensive. In fact, after Aspen, it’s probably the most expensive city to live in in all of Colorado, with the median house price coming in at just over $800,000. This also means that wedding venues, hotels, restaurants and other business are priced accordingly. This is something to keep in mind if you’re wedding planning on a budget.

On the bright side, Boulder is an ideal wedding destination because it sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, yet it’s still on the Front Range, so it’s not difficult to get to. This means that if you have your wedding within the city limits, you’re still only a few-minute drive from some truly spectacular mountain vistas for your wedding photos. And your wedding guests can enjoy the mountains without actually having to drive all the way up into the mountains. As a result, Boulder is the perfect wedding location if you’re having a lot of guests from out of town who aren’t used to driving in the mountains or elderly guests who can’t go up too high in elevation.

Boulder Wedding Venues

Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

Just a short drive west of Boulder on Boulder Canyon Drive, the best thing about Wedgewood Boulder Creek is… that it’s on Boulder Creek! The riverside wedding ceremonies at the venue are always beautiful and the creek makes for a wonderful backdrop for wedding portraits as well. Plus, it’s not that far of a drive from the city, but it still feels remote and rustic.

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Chautauqua Dining Hall

Chautauqua Park is one of the most iconic (and most photographed) locations in all of Colorado and it’s no wonder why. The majestic Flatirons loom over the park to the west and provide a very photogenic and striking backdrop for wedding ceremonies. Add to that the regal architecture and ambiance of the Chautauqua Dining Hall for your wedding reception and you can’t go wrong.

Check out Amanda and Brian’s Chautauqua Dining Hall wedding to see more!Or check out Katie and Paul’s microwedding in Boulder for more photo fun!

Greenbriar Inn

Just north of Boulder on Hwy 36, the Greenbriar Inn is a historic restaurant that offers some of the best wedding food we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting during our tenure as weddings photographers. The ceremony site offers beautiful views of the foothills to the west and the venue is just a few-minute drive from some truly stunning locations for couple’s portraits. Plus, the owners, Emma and Phil, are wonderful people to work with.

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Lionsgate Event Center

Located in southeast Boulder County, Lionsgate Event Center offers three separate and distinct wedding venue options on the same property. There’s the Gate House, the Dove House, and our personal favorite: the Chandelier Barn. You can’t go wrong whichever venue you choose and to put the icing on the cake, the Aquarius Trailhead is a just a few-minute drive from the grounds and makes for some outstanding sunset wedding photos overlooking the Flatirons to the west.

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Planning a Wedding in Conifer

Note: Despite it being so close to Denver, we rarely make it up to Conifer to shoot weddings. It’s kind of a lesser-known mountain destination and tends to go under the radar when most couples are planning their weddings. That said, we’ll be sure to keep this list updated as we venture back up that way in the future and continue to discover more unique Conifer wedding venues.

Just a short drive southwest from Denver on Hwy. 285, Conifer is a small mountain town known for its beautiful scenery and picturesque mountain hikes. As I mentioned above, Conifer tends to go undiscovered by most folks visiting Colorado, which means it’s not as crowded as other mountain towns such as Breckenridge and Vail.

Conifer is a perfect wedding destination for couples looking for a mountain wedding that won’t break the bank and isn’t too far afield from the city. This is always a plus if you have a high percentage of your wedding guests coming in from out of town, especially if they’re not used to being at altitude and driving in the mountains. It’s kind of a best-of-both-worlds location, because you can have the picturesque mountain wedding you’ve been dreaming of without having to travel far to do so.

Also, if you venture a bit further on Hwy. 285 and you’ll come to one of our favorite places in Colorado to take wedding photos: Kenosha Pass. This idyllic mountain pass lies between Grant and Jefferson and is one of the absolute best places in all of Colorado to take photos of fall foliage. So if you’re planning your wedding for late September or early October, look no further!

Conifer Wedding Venues

Mountain View Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings

Just off of Hwy 285, in between Conifer and Bailey, Mountain View Ranch is a beautiful, rustic mountain venue that’s somewhat off of the beaten path. The wedding ceremonies at Mountain View Ranch take place in a meadow at the edge of a pine forest with outstanding mountain views.


Planning a Wedding in Evergreen

Note: We shoot a lot of weddings in Evergreen, but they’re almost always at the same wedding venue. As a result, we’ve linked to it below. As we continue to venture back to the area and discover more unique Evergreen wedding venues in the future, we’ll be sure to update this list!

About 30 miles west of Denver, Evergreen in a quaint little mountain town with a ton of charm and lots of great wedding photo locations. There are countless parks and mountain lakes and ranches and hiking trails to explore, whether you’re taking your wedding photos or simply looking for something fun to do on a free weekend.

It’s also just a short drive from the seasonal road that takes you to the top of Mount Evans, one of only two 14ers in Colorado that you can drive to the top of (Pike’s Peak being the other one). Evergreen Lake is a wonderful place for wedding portraits and there are a bunch of other great secluded locations within a five-mile radius of town. Plus, there is a pair of incredible breweries and a bunch of wonderful restaurants in the downtown area as well.

And possible the most appealing thing about Evergreen – from a wedding planning standpoint, at least – is the fact that it’s only about a 30-minute drive from Denver. This way, you can have the majestic mountain wedding you’ve been dreaming of without your guests having to drive all up the way over the Continental Divide. This is a huge bonus if you’re having guests coming in from out of town who aren’t accustomed to driving in the mountains.

All in all, you can’t go wrong if you decide to have your wedding in Evergreen.

Evergreen Wedding Venues

Evergreen Lake House

The Evergreen Lake House is a log cabin-style wedding venue on the shores of Evergreen Lake, just west of downtown Evergreen. It has a sort of summer camp vibe, with kayak and canoe rentals available on the picturesque lake in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Check out Jen and Erik’s winter wonderland wedding at the Evergreen Lake House see more!


Planning a Wedding in Golden

The sign that greets you as you first enter downtown Golden says it all: “Howdy folks. Welcome to Golden, where the west lives.” Even though it’s essentially a suburb of Denver, Golden has a very western feel, with saloon-style bars and restaurants and hotels with stucco facades. And, much like every city in Colorado, there is a plethora of unique Golden wedding venues to choose from, some downtown and some further afield.

Golden is also home to the Coors Brewery, which is always a fun activity for tourists and locals alike. Pro-tip: if you visit the brewery, be sure to request the “short tour.” This means you go straight to the bar and drink three free beers. Unless you want to learn about the history of the brewery and the bottling process, of course. That’s cool too. Education is a good thing.

But don’t forget about the smaller breweries in the area as well. A popular catchphrase in the Colorado brewing community is “drink local!” It’s always good to support independent businesses, plus the beer is usually more interesting in the smaller breweries. And, of course, there are a million little restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars that cater to every palette.

Going a bit further afield, there is ample opportunity for picturesque mountain hikes. Our personal favorite place is Golden Gate Canyon State park, just west of town. And, as you can imagine, there are many outstanding mountain wedding venues, all of which are incredibly unique and photogenic. As wedding photographers, we love the contrast of taking portraits both in town and in the mountains. Golden is the perfect place to make that happen.

Golden Wedding Venues

Boettcher Mansion

Perched on top of Lookout Mountain just a few miles west of downtown Golden, Boettcher Mansion provides a rustic mountain wedding feel without having to venture too far from the city. The mansion resides in a heavily-wooded area and is just a couple-minute walk from some truly epic mountain overlooks that make for amazing wedding photos.

Check out Kelly and Nick’s Boettcher Mansion wedding to see more!

Chief Hosa Lodge

Operated by the city of Denver, the Chief Hosa Lodge is a really cool old stone building located in Genesee Park, just west of Golden. The venue is perched on top of a hill covered in old pines that make for a really cool backdrop for wedding ceremonies and for wedding photographs in general. Keep in mind, the lodge itself is small, so this venue is generally best for weddings of 50 people or fewer.

Check out Catherine and Kacey’s snowy winter wedding at Chief Hosa Lodge to see more!

Mount Vernon Canyon Club

Just off of I-70 at the “Picture Window” bridge exit, Mount Vernon Canyon Club is a cool wedding venue overlooking the foothills around Golden and beyond. Wedding ceremonies typically take place on the deck outside, making for outstanding mountain views, considering how close the venue is to Denver.

Check out Nicole and Jeff’s Mount Vernon Canyon Club wedding to see more!


Planning a Wedding in Morrison

Morrison is a small, picturesque town in the foothills just west of Denver and south of Golden. The most unique Morrison wedding venues are situated in and around the plethora of ancient red rock formations that are ubiquitous in this area.

Speaking of red rocks, Morrison is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, most well-known for being the home of the world-famous Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. The amphitheater itself is a site to behold for tourists and locals alike. Completed in 1947, the amphitheatre has been at the center of the Colorado music scene for the better part of a century. We’ve seen so many great shows at Red Rocks over the years, Morrison will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The park also has a cool little museum and a variety of great hiking trails in the surrounding environs. As mentioned above, several of the wedding venues in Morrison have really cool red rock formations on the property as well, so even if you don’t get married at Red Rocks itself, you’ll still have tons of awesome wedding portrait opportunities.

Another benefit of having your wedding in Morrison is that it’s a super short drive from Denver and the airport, so your wedding guests won’t have too far to travel. This is a huge bonus if you have guests coming from sea level, or elderly guests who might not be capable of travelling far into the mountains to higher elevations.

Note: While there is a diverse array of unique wedding venues in Morrison, we’ve included our personal favorite below. As we shoot more Morrison weddings in the future, we will absolutely come back here to update this list!

Morrison Wedding Venues

Willow Ridge Manor

Situated in the foothills, just south of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, Willow Ridge Manor is surrounded by a plethora of red rock formations that are a wedding photographer’s dream. Also, the old colonial-style building that houses wedding receptions is very cool as well. It’s reminiscent of the Manor House in Littleton, but it’s just a bit smaller.

Check out Sylvia and Brandon’s fall wedding at Willow Ridge Manor to see more!