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Royal Gorge Engagement

I’ve been on a gondola or two in my day. But I’ve never experienced a ride like the one we took for Hanna and Dan’s Royal Gorge engagement session. Traveling almost 1000 ft. above the raging Arkansas River, the aerial gondola that takes you from one side of the gorge to the other isn’t for…
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Sunset Wedding Photo | 3M Curve Wedding | Estes Park Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Best of 2019

Two thousand nineteen was one of our busiest (and most fulfilling) years to date with 34 shoots in 5 states and 2 countries, spanning the course of 104 days on the road and covering 48,079 miles. As we do every year at this time, we wanted to compile all our our best wedding photos from…
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Bride and Groom at Sand Dunes | White Sands Engagement | Destination Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

White Sands Engagement

Last weekend, we traded white snow flurries in Colorado for bright white sand dunes, stretching out for miles in New Mexico. While we’re no strangers to sandy Alt Sessions, Ashleigh and Tony’s White Sands engagement session had a particularly otherworldly feel to it. A mere 70 miles from the Mexico border, the entrance to White…
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Bride and Groom with Confetti Cannons | Lodge at Cathedral Pines Wedding | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Lodge at Cathedral Pines Wedding

Tia and Jason’s winter wedding at Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding couldn’t have been a better celebration to round out our full year of weddings, elopements and engagements! We love small and simple weddings, especially when they’re packed with as much laughter, happy tears and festivity as possible. You know those feel-good Christmas movies that…
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Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding | Estes Park Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Behind the Scenes (Pt. 2)

A couple years ago, we posted a collection of behind the scenes photos from our weddings over the years. Now it’s time for round two! Most of these photos are just for laughs, but some of them give a bit of insight into “how the sausage is made.” We all see wedding photos on a…
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Unique groom portrait | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding | Denver Same Sex Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

Jesse and I always say that it’s your wedding’s imperfections that make it memorable. And that’s true, I promise. But we don’t ever hope that one of your wedding’s imperfections is food poisoning. Unfortunately for Ajay and Jacob, the night before their Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding brought just that. Now, normally, I wouldn’t start off…
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Bride and Groom in sculpture | Ironworks Wedding | Denver Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Ironworks Wedding

After most weddings, Jesse and I head home to drink whiskey and cull photos into the early morning hours. Not so after Christine and Dan’s wedding. Instead, we unpacked, hydrated, stretched, recharged batteries, and recharged ourselves. Because we had a big responsibility to bring our A-game to Frances and Bryce’s Ironworks wedding the very next…
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Unique Engagement Photo Ideas | Boulder Engagement | Boulder Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Water Balloon Engagement

I’ll be the first to admit that our more avant-garde Alt Sessions are a tough sell. They’re hard to visualize and we’re not the best at explaining what to expect because, well, we don’t know what to expect. But they’re often the most fun, so when we’ve got a couple who eagerly signs on to…
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