Bride and Groom Portrait | Washington DC Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Washington DC Wedding

Christa and Jeremy’s Washington, DC, wedding day started serenely. While the rental house bustled with general wedding chaos, Christa sat calmly in a room upstairs as her friend and bridesmaid, Cheyenne, set about doing her hair and makeup. Alternating sips of coffee and mimosa, Christa did her best to answer questions without disturbing Cheyenne’s artistry….
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Bride and Groom in Ice Cave | Rifle Falls Engagement | Colorado Wedding Photographers | J. La Plante Photo

Rifle Falls Engagement

Ashley and Mitch wanted their Alt Session photos to contrast the tropical location where they’re getting married. And I love a good challenge. We already shot at the Ice Castles last year, so that was out. Snow is hard to predict in Colorado, so that added another wrench. But a few months ago, on a…
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Bride and Groom Portrait | Downtown Denver Wedding | Denver Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Grand Hyatt Denver Wedding

I love going into a wedding already knowing that the couple is game for just about anything. This was exactly the case for Tova and Aaron’s Grand Hyatt Denver wedding, because not every couple will hike up the Great Sand Dunes in formal wear for the sole purpose of capturing epic Alt Session photos! It’s…
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Groom and Groom Hiking in Aspens | Kenosha Pass Engagement | Colorado Wedding Photographers | J. La Plante Photo

Kenosha Pass Engagement

Ajay and Jacob are explorers, in what little spare time they have. They’re both from Indiana. They met it Copenhagen. They’ve lived in Massachusetts, New York and Colorado. And they’ll soon be relocating to Chicago. So we wanted to take them somewhere new, making a Kenosha Pass engagement session the perfect solution! On their explorations,…
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Bride and Groom Portrait | Sonnenalp Club Wedding | Beaver Creek Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Sonnenalp Club Wedding

Jen and Robert are the kind of world travelers that Jesse and I aspire to be. They’ve been to every continent except Antarctica and I have no doubt that they’ll be checking that box soon. So Colorado, take it as a HUGE compliment that they decided to have their intimate winter wedding at the Sonnenalp…
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Bride and Groom on Sand Dunes | Great Sand Dunes Engagement | Colorado Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Best of 2018

It’s time to take a look back at the best wedding photos of 2018! Two thousand eighteen was year of firsts for us. We shot weddings in all four time zones of the continental U.S. and recorded more air mileage and road mileage than ever before. Plus, we had the pleasure of shooting weddings with…
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Garden of the Gods Engagement | Colorado Springs Engagement | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Garden of the Gods Engagement

The first things that Lauren and Quentin shared with me about themselves were their love of outdoor activities and brewing their own beer. So, naturally, we had to follow their Garden of the Gods engagement session with a visit to Iron Bird Brewing Company. (And besides, can you even call it an Alt Session if it…
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Wedding Confetti Cannons | Shupe Homestead Wedding | Boulder Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Shupe Homestead Wedding

Like the couple themselves, K and G’s Shupe Homestead wedding had a seemingly contradictory vibe that I could only describe as “laid-back energetic.” It was clear that they were there to have a good time and not to worry too much about tiny details or to make sure that everything was “perfect,” which is exactly…
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Sunset Wedding Photo | Planet Bluegrass Wedding | Boulder Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Planet Bluegrass Wedding

When we first met Jerrica and Jason, they brought along part of their wedding stationery set give us an idea of how awesome their Planet Bluegrass wedding was going to be. Now, we’ve seen some wedding stationery in our day and this piece had nothing in common with any of the watercolor, hand-calligraphed, blush champagne items you usually see. Instead, the couple had designed and created VIP-style concert badges for their festival themed wedding.
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