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Boulder Microwedding

One of my favorite things about being with couples on their wedding day is witnessing the community they’ve built around themselves.. The best communities don’t have to be big. They often aren’t showy or boisterous. They’re your ride-or-die people. Your emergency contacts. The people who would back you in a fistfight. They’re the people Katie and Paul had next to them at their Boulder microwedding.

Katie and Paul’s cast of characters included so many fantastic humans: The friend who introduced them and also performed the ceremony. His brother, who serenaded Katie and Paul and their guests at dinner. The multitude of people who looked after Ciaran, their four-month-old baby, and everyone else who absolutely lit up upon coming within his chubby-cheeked orbit. And Rowan, their three-year-old, who deftly commanded a gang of kids, all of whom fell into easy and adventurous friendships.

These types of communities don’t just happen. They’re cultivated by two amazing people who radiate the same characteristics they receive: kindness, humor, dependability, and astounding amounts of generosity.

Katie and Paul are these people.

Katie and Paul, I know the day got a little bumpy in the middle, but there’s no one we’d rather be stuck in car with for a 40-mile detour over a dirt road than you two! We hope you had a safe trip home and can’t wait to catch up the next time you visit Boulder.

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