About Colorado Elopements

What better place to elope than the Rocky Mountains? Whether you’re a Colorado local or coming in from out of state or even from another country, Colorado is the perfect place to say your vows while surrounded by nature. We’ve included some of our all-time favorite Colorado elopements and small weddings below (and a few from other destinations as well).

If you’re on the fence about eloping in Colorado, allow us to try and sway your decision. First and foremost, Colorado is absolutely chock-full of epic photo locations. And when you elope, you have a lot more leeway as far as where you can and can’t go. When you have a large wedding, you have guests to think about, so you can’t travel too far afield before they’ll start to miss you. When it’s just you and your weddings photographers (and maybe an officiant), you can take more time to get to the perfect location for your wedding photos.

Also, Colorado elopements are also super stress-free. Big weddings are a blast, but they also come with their fair share of baggage and drama. When you elope, there’s no rigid timeline to adhere to, no wedding guests to keep entertained and no family or wedding party to appease. It’s just you and your favorite human on the planet spending a day in a breathtaking location. You can breathe and relax and possibly enjoy a beverage or two free from the worries and stresses of the rest of the world. If we haven’t sold you on Colorado elopements yet, take some time to peruse our galleries below to get a sense of the types of photos you can expect to receive. And don’t worry, we handle all of the logistics and location scouting, so the only decision you’ll have to make is what to wear. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions for us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

RMNP Wedding | Estes Park elopement photographer | J La Plante Photo

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Jesse and I met Andrea and Chad in-person for the first time on the day of their wedding. They had traveled from Bellingham, Washington, to our equally beautiful state of Colorado for their Rocky Mountain National Park elopement. When we first spoke with them on the phone, I knew we were kindred spirits when I…
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