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Denver Chalk Art Engagement

Our couples hire us for many reasons. They like the color and emotion in our images. Or the different angles. Or how we incorporate the environment. But what we hear most often is that they were drawn to us because our photos looked unlike others they’d seen. All this is thanks to opportunities like P and S’s Denver Chalk Art engagement session.

The couple only had two requirements for their engagement session. First, they wanted to return to the location of their first date, the Denver Chalk Art Festival. Second, they wanted us to do something totally unique. Larimer Square was a perfect location for our shoot with its plethora of photo opportunities. Despite having shot there many times before, there are still so many photos we have yet to take!

We took two different approaches to their engagement session. The first portion of the day was more relaxed. We started with some photos at the top of a deserted parking garage (I told you there are a thousand different spots to take interesting photos in downtown Denver!). Then, we moved down to the street where the artwork was starting to take form. Jesse channeled his photojournalism background, composing images that featured both the couple and the street artists.

Finally, it was time for some experimentation! For the last few images, we set up lighting in a random alley, brought out a square of plexiglass and a spray bottle, and dove in. P and S were amazingly patient and willing to work with us as we tried something new, despite all the strange looks from passersby. But, in my opinion, the payoff was so worth it!

P and S, thank you so much for letting us photograph your Denver Chalk Art engagement session. We can’t wait for round two in August!

P&S’s stylish Denver Chalk Art Festival engagement session was published on ISO:ALT!

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