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EagleVail Pavilion Wedding

Considering that Amanda and Jason’s relationship first began at a party, it’s only fitting that their EagleVail Pavilion wedding ended with a crazy, raucous party. What else would you expect from the girl who always got the dance party started and the guy who kept it going all night long?

Amanda and Jason met several years ago when they both worked at Beaver Creek. So clearly we had to fit a ride on the chairlift into their day. After an emotional first look on a secluded bridge in the village, we hopped up to the top of the mountain for the most epic and breathtaking views.

More important than the views, though, was the chance for Amanda and Jason to share this special place with their friends and family. Their wedding party joined us for a champagne toast, a few posed photos, and a lot of laughter – all against a jaw-dropping backdrop.

Then it was time for Amanda and Jason to make it all official in a field of wildflowers accessed via a winding forest service road. Followed by a party that had everything from a surprise double rainbow during the first dance to a glow stick battle and several (and I mean several) shotski rounds. All told, their wedding day was a perfect microcosm of their relationship.

Amanda and Jason, thank you so much for bringing us along on your legendary wedding adventure!

Venue: EagleVail Pavilion

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