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Every fall, we bring in world-class photographers and leaders in the photo education community to collaborate and help us teach our Fusion Workshop. If you want a massive creativity boost, but don’t necessarily need to work on your business skills, this is the workshop for you. Click the button below to get notified for Fusion 2024!

“Having 3 award-winning photographers to work with in a small group setting was incredibly informative and inspirational.


Distilled is a condensed, one-day version of our full, multi-day experience. Think of it as workshop Cliff’s Notes. Just straight-to-the-point, actionable takeaways that you can begin implementing immediately to improve your photography skills and business acumen. This year, we’re hopping across the pond to Leeds, UK, along with Jason Vinson. Join us for a two-for-one opportunity just before the Nine Dots Gathering!

“I now have an arsenal of new ideas to implement in my business, and I’m excited to use them in action.”

Courtland Wilson
Courtland PHOTOgraphy

Held in the spring, Iconoclasm is our “flagship” workshop all about developing your own unique voice and setting yourself apart in the wedding industry. This is three very full days of demo shoots, photo challenges and business insight. If you want to take your photography skills and business acumen up a notch, this is the workshop for you.

It felt like taking a workshop with friends and was a tremendous experience that changed the way I see the world.”

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wedding photography workshop in Mexico
New for 2023!

One-on-one mentoring

We’re taking on a limited number of students for one-on-one mentoring for summer 2023! Our mentoring modules focus on everything from shooting for moments to post-production to client experience. Mix and match or go through the entire curriculum, depending on what you need most. Each module includes a video call with Jesse and/or Moira and personalized assignments to help grow your photography business to the next level.

wedding photography workshop in Colorado
Who is this for?

Mentoring might be for you if…

  • You have a specific problem you want to tackle.
  • You want to do a deep dive into a topic or two.
  • You prefer one-on-one learning.
  • You’re ok with learning from afar (meetings will be done over video).

Speaking Engagements

We’re thrilled to be speaking at the 8th Annual Nine Dots Gathering in Leeds, UK! Nine Dots isn’t just another wedding photography conference. Over two days, you’ll make friends for life, connect with like-minded photographers from around the world, share incredible times together and leave inspired, skilled-up and ready to take your photography and business to the next level!




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Meet Jesse & Moira

You probably want to know who’s piloting this ship, huh?

Jesse and Moira La Plante are Colorado-based photographers who have been shooting weddings since 2008. They first met in the Bahamas on spring break when Jesse (allegedly) offered to buy Moira a drink at an all-inclusive resort. Shortly after that fateful trip, the pair moved to Colorado, started their wedding photography business and never looked back.

In 2022, Jesse was named Fearless Top 100, ISPWP Top 100 and (along with Moira) This is Reportage “Photographer of the Year.” When not photographing weddings, he can be found skiing, eating copious amounts of tacos and/or working on his beer belly at one of Colorado’s many outstanding craft breweries.

After graduating from Georgetown University with a business degree, Moira honed her problem-solving skills by working in many different arenas – from academia to atmospheric science research to entrepreneurship – before migrating to the wedding industry. When not figuring out how to do the impossible, she can be found with her nose in a book or devising ways to spend more time around puppies.

Additional photos by: Christian Cardona, Jason Vinson, Fabian Colmenares Latorre, Shannon Sasaki, Bonnie Sizer, Shannon Cain, Andy Madea, Sean Lara, Sunny Mathur, Iryna Shostak, Amy Oyler, Jordy Alexis Flores Garcia, Mark Creery and Troy Warwick.