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Fall Wedding at Black Canyon Inn

Kiki and David’s fall wedding at the Black Canyon Inn intrigued me. After all, the two have known each other since they were in middle school. After going off in different directions, Kiki and David ended up drifting back into each others’ orbits. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What intrigues me about this is that I don’t think I have a single non-family member in my life who knew me back in middle school. If I did, what would they say about who I am now? Did they have a glimpse into who I might be today? And more importantly, if Jesse knew me back then, would we have been friends? (Probably not; I suspect he’d try to cheat off of my homework and I definitely wouldn’t let him.)

After photographing Kiki and David’s wedding, I’m convinced that much of who we are stays consistent throughout our lives. Our haircuts will change. Our clothing styles, too. But the essence of ourselves will persist. Throughout the day, we heard so many stories from when Kiki and David were little. These stories perfectly reflected what we knew of them in the present. David is kind, welcoming to everyone, and fiercely loyal to his friends. Kiki is independent, highly motivated, and full of compassion. Both are the best kind of person to grow old with and they are truly lucky to have re-discovered each other.

Kiki and David, thank you for trusting us to capture your wedding day. We hope you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon!

Venue: Black Canyon Inn
Beauty: Glow Salon
DJ and Video: Complete Weddings and Events

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