nighttime wedding photos of bride and groom in Estes Park Colorado

How to Get Amazing Nighttime Wedding Photos

A few months back, we wrote a pair of posts on what you, the newlyweds-to-be, can do to ensure you get epic sunset wedding photos and blue hour wedding photos. Today, we’d like to discuss our favorite time to shoot: nighttime. Read on to find out how to get amazing nighttime wedding photos!


Nighttime is our favorite time to take wedding photos because we can get so much more creative with out lighting. At nighttime, there’s very little ambient light to contend with, so as a photographer, the world becomes your studio. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Don’t get me wrong, golden hour, sunset and blue hour are great, but nighttime brings about a whole new world of opportunities for photography.

nighttime wedding photos of bride and groom with confetti in Boulder Colorado


The other benefit of taking wedding portraits at night is that there’s no time crunch. You don’t have to worry about getting back in time for cocktail hour or quickly sneaking out before the toasts. The party is already underway and the timeline goes out the window. You can dance to your heart’s content and then once you’re ready for a break, you can go out and get some fresh air while your photographers create some amazing nighttime wedding portraits.

cool photo of bride and groom under a moonlit sky


Since the timeline isn’t a factor, the only thing you need to do to help your photographers get some amazing nighttime wedding photos is be a willing participant. It might be chilly outside. You might have to hike a bit. You might miss a couple songs on the dance floor. But in the end, you’ll have a cool piece of art that you can keep and cherish forever.

And hey, if you absolutely don’t want to leave your dance party, you can always do your photos after the final send off, once all of your guests have gone home. We here at J. La Plante Photo only do full-day coverage, which means we’re at your wedding for however long we need to be to get the job done.

nighttime wedding photos of bride and groom smoking cigars in Denver Colorado


That’s all for now, so we’ll leave you with a few of our favorite nighttime wedding photos from over the years. Enjoy!

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