Planning a mountain wedding

There’s just something about mountain weddings in Colorado. The air is clean, the people are happy and the views are breathtaking. And, our course, there are endless outdoor activities to keep wedding guests occupied if they’re coming in from out of town (skiing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, to name just a few). It’s no wonder that Colorado has become such a popular wedding destination for couples all over the world looking for a secluded location to tie the knot.

From Breckenridge to Durango, Aspen to Vail, Glenwood Springs to Steamboat Springs, there are countless mountain wedding venues in Colorado to choose from. We often joke that the state is so beautiful, you could pull your car over to the side of any road in the Rocky Mountains and it would be the perfect spot for a wedding.

When planning a mountain wedding, be sure to encourage your family and friends to drink water in abundance and alcohol in moderation, especially if they’re coming in from out of town and aren’t accustomed to being in the mountains. Altitude sickness is no joke! Also, make sure they carpool and/or rent all-wheel drive vehicles. Weather in the high Rockies can be unpredictable throughout all four months of the year. In fact, we photographed a wedding in Breckenridge on the summer solstice a few years ago and it snowed nearly two inches.

We’ve been photographing mountain weddings in Colorado since we moved here way back in 2008 and we have had the pleasure of traveling to every corner of the state. We’ve shot hundreds of weddings during that time, the vast majority of which have been in the mountains. Below, you’ll find just a handful of our favorite mountain weddings from over the years. Take some time to browse and let us know if you have any questions or would like to check our availability for your wedding. We’re just an email, text or phone call away!

Estes Park Wedding | Winter Wedding | Estes Park Wedding Photographer | J La Plante Photo

Estes Park Wedding

You know you’ve got some great friends when they abandon 80-degree weather in February for 30 degrees and a blizzard. Most of the time, people try to go the other way. But not Amy and Ken’s friends and family, who trekked from New Orleans (and even further afield) to Colorado for their Estes Park wedding….
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Copper Mountain Wedding | Copper Mountain wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Copper Mountain Wedding

I can’t help it. I obsessively check the weather before a wedding. Probably more than the couple does. Sometimes, it’s because I’m hoping for a few degrees of relief (I’m lookin’ at you, Denver in July). Sometimes, like for Melisa and Sam’s Copper Mountain wedding, it’s just to see if it’s going to rain, snow,…
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Sonnenalp Wedding | Vail wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Fall Wedding in Vail

Last weekend, rains swept through the mountains, clearing out the smoke from the many forest fires burning in the West. Luckily, that didn’t matter for Genevieve and Jon’s fall wedding in Vail. The Sonnenalp simply closed Ludwig’s glass roof and the ceremony continued on, sheltered from the rain but maintaining the beautiful forest-like atmosphere. Genevieve…
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Purgatory Resort wedding | Durango Wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Purgatory Resort Wedding

When we got Jamie and Eric’s Purgatory Resort wedding invitation in the mail, it had the Milky Way as the background and promised “Dinner, Dancing, and Meteor Shower to Follow” the ceremony. They couldn’t have picked a better spot (Dante’s Peak) or day (one of the peak nights of the Perseid meteor shower) to make…
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Edgewood Inn Wedding | Colorado Springs wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Edgewood Inn Wedding

When Jesse and I were scouting for Renee and Caleb’s Edgewood Inn wedding last Friday in Woodland Park, we ran into the typical Colorado mountain weather. First it was sunny and hot, then the clouds blew in. Then we had some nice sprinkles, which turned into a downpour and, suddenly, a torrent of hail. And…
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Boettcher Mansion Wedding | Denver wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Boettcher Mansion Wedding

On our drive up to Kelly and Nick’s Boettcher Mansion wedding on the top of Lookout Mountain, we were a little concerned that we wouldn’t have the views of the mountains we were hoping for. The day was chilly, considering the 90-degree temps we’ve been having all summer, and the mountain was blanketed by clouds….
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Sonnenalp Wedding | Vail wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Vail Mountain Wedding

Jesse and I woke up bright and early to finish our sojourn into the mountains for our second wedding of the weekend. The drive was gorgeous and we both reflected on how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful state. Vail was bustling with the GoPro Games, which made some of our photo…
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Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding | Denver wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Mount Vernon Canyon Club Wedding

A busy April gave way to a quiet and rainy May. But now, Jesse and I have jumped right back into wedding season with Nicole and Jeff’s Mount Vernon Canyon Club wedding being the first of two weddings last weekend. Tucked up in the foothills, but with a spectacular view of the city, their ceremony…
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Chief Hosa Lodge Wedding | Denver wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Chief Hosa Lodge Wedding

Catherine’s a girl who knows what she wants and goes after that, and that’s something I hold in the highest regard. Her persistence was evident in the many stories shared at Catherine & Kacey’s Chief Hosa Lodge wedding. And even though it was snowy and cold outside, the lodge was warmed by the fire and…
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Devils Thumb Ranch wedding | Tabernash Wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding

I’m kind of a word nerd, and as such, I’ve been annoyed recently at how often the word “epic” is thrown around. Replying All on an email is not an “epic fail.” Doing shots at a bar does not make it an “epic” night. Epic should not be a random hashtag thrown into a tweet. But Jessica…
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Lionsquare Lodge Wedding | Vail wedding photographer | J La Plante Photo

Vail Wedding

Being avid skiers, Jesse and I absolutely love Vail in the winter; it might possibly be our favorite mountain (shhh, don’t tell Beaver Creek). However, it’s just as spectacular in the summer, especially when you invite your favorite friends and family up to 8,000 ft. for a celebration. So when Andrea and Shawn asked us…
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