bride and groom to-be standing under waterfall at Ouzel Falls engagement session
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Ouzel Falls Engagement

Jesse and I prioritize the photographer/client relationship above all else. Not only is it important to our photography style, it’s important to your enjoyment of your own wedding. After all, your photographers are who you’ll spend the most time with on your wedding day. Well, I can confidently say after our 8-mile hike for Andi and Kevin’s Ouzel Falls engagement session, we’re going to have a blast in October!

Andi and Kevin arrived at the trailhead early and already packed for our adventure, which gave us a nice little head start on our hike. We made good time up to Ouzel Falls, even factoring in some detours for a few casual portraits and my demands for snack and water breaks.

Once at Ouzel Falls, Andi and Kevin changed into more formal attire and then we promptly asked them to stand in the one spot where they’d get soaked. Not only did they happily comply, Andi offered to get into the creek on our way down from the falls. Now, that is the kind of adventurous spirit we love! (We took her up on that offer.)

While I don’t necessarily recommend it, I’ll tell you that nothing bonds you and your wedding photographers more than a moose scare. Half a mile from the car, we ran into a young bull moose, strolling along the path, dining on fresh aspen leaves. Now, I did a lot of prep work for this engagement session. I went on plenty of hikes to make sure my knees would hold up. I procured our Rocky Mountain National Park photo permit, I even got CPR certified.

Guess what I didn’t do.

If your answer was “Look up what to do if you encounter a moose,” you are correct! Luckily, we made it safely back to our cars after a short delay. I suspect that if the moose had kept us from post-hike tacos for much longer, we would have found out who’d win in a fight between Jesse and a moose. Spoiler alert: Not Jesse.

Andi and Kevin, thank you so much for the laughs, the great stories, and your adventurous spirits! Maybe we can up the ante and have a bear encounter at the wedding?

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