• mentoring for wedding photographers learn astrophotography



    In this session, we’ll provide you with all the tips and techniques we’ve learned over the past six years shooting astro portraits to help you pull it off on the wedding day.

  • mentoring for wedding photographers inspiration and mindset

    Inspiration + Mindset


    We don’t get paid because we have a nice camera. Every wedding guest has a nice camera in their pocket. We get paid because of the unique way we see the world. In this session, we’ll help to guide you in finding your own creative voice so that you can stand out from the rest of the photographers in your market.

  • mentoring for wedding photographers nighttime wedding portraits

    Nighttime Portraits


    Nighttime is our favorite time to shoot portraits. There’s no ambient light to contend with, so the world is your studio. A blank canvas. In this session, we’ll provide you with a myriad of ideas for how to take your creativity to the next level and blow your clients minds by shooting after dark. Topics…

  • mentoring for wedding photographers shooting portraits in midday sun

    Overpowering the Sun with OCF


    As wedding photographers, we frequently have to take portraits during the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky. And here in Colorado, we have 300 days of sun each year, so this is no easy task. How do you handle it? In this session, we’ll take you through our three…

  • mentoring for wedding photographers editing and post production

    Post Production


    As photographers, we do our best to nail our shots at the time of capture. That said, there’s only so much that can be done in-camera. Most of us need to coax our images into their fullest potential during the editing phase. In this session, we’ll show you exactly how we go from SOOC (straight…

  • mentoring for wedding photographers reception lighting

    Reception Lighting


    Receptions can be tough to light. No two venues are the same and you have to deal with an infinite combination of various lighting conditions. How do you pull it off? In this session, we’ll take you through our thought process as we enter a reception room, diagnose the ambient light and decide on one…

  • mentoring for wedding photographers shooting portraits at sunset and blue hour

    Sunset + BH Portraits


    Ah, sunset. It’s hard to take a bad photo when there’s a majestic wave cloud looming orange over the Rockies. But how do you push your creativity beyond the obvious? In this session, we’ll take you from golden hour to blue hour and the rapidly changing lighting conditions in between.  Topics covered: How to make…

  • mentoring for wedding photographers wedding photojournalism

    Wedding Photojournalism


    While it’s the creative portraiture that typically attracts future clients, it’s the real moments that mean the most to couples once they receive their full galleries. In this session, we’ll discuss capturing the true emotion of the day without manipulating or controlling anything.