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Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Jesse and I met Andrea and Chad in-person for the first time on the day of their wedding. They had traveled from Bellingham, Washington, to our equally beautiful state of Colorado for their Rocky Mountain National Park elopement.

When we first spoke with them on the phone, I knew we were kindred spirits when I found out that Andrea and Chad also plan trips around breweries and distilleries. After getting engaged in Rocky Mountain National Park, their first stop was Spirit Hound Distillers, both to warm up and for a celebratory drink. So, obviously, that’s where we started for their elopement.

Then, we headed into the park for a few photo ops before the main event. For their ceremony, we stopped at an unnamed overlook where Chad had popped the question last winter. The four of us trekked down the mountain away from people to a perfect outcropping of rocks with the most breathtaking view. There, Andrea and Chad read their amazingly poignant vows to each other through happy tears as the sun dipped behind the mountains.

What I loved most about Andrea and Chad’s elopement is how they tailored it 100% to their personalities. Before their first dance, Chad donned a jacket for a bit of “formality.” But instead of a suit jacket, it was a badass leather jacket. Andrea had selected a variety of ring options from which Chad picked his favorite before they exchanged rings. They also openly admitted that they regularly tell each other, “You bug me, but you’re my favorite.” Which, to me, encapsulates the reality of marriage in such a beautifully concise way.

But, perhaps my favorite quote from the day came when it was time to formalize everything for the state and Andrea exclaimed, “Let’s sign that bitch!”

Andrea and Chad, we’re so honored to have been part of your day. And after finally meeting in person, we’re even more excited to join you for your bash next year in Washington!

Check out Andrea and Chad’s intimate Rocky Mountain National Park elopement, featured on Best Elope Ideas!

Locations:  Spirit Hound Distillers, Rocky Mountain National Park

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