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Should We Do An Engagement Session?

When you hire a photographer for your wedding, you’ll inevitably be faced with the decision whether or not to do a pre-wedding engagement session. Some couples love the idea, others could take it or leave it. I’d say about 50 percent of our couples decide to do the engagement session these days.

So how do you decide whether or not it’s for you? Here are a few of the most common reasons our couples have opted to do an engagement shoot with us.

Should we do an engagement session? | Get to know your wedding photographers.

Wedding photography is extremely personal. Your photographers are the only vendors that will be by your side all day long, from pre-wedding prep to the final send off. Doing an engagement shoot ahead of time is a great way to get to know your photographers so that you’ll be more relaxed around them when the big day finally arrives.

We like to incorporate an activity for each engagement session so that it’s not just two hours of you posing in front of the camera. Whether it’s an afternoon on the slopes, or grabbing a pint at your favorite brewery, or watching the solar eclipse (you’ll have to be location-flexible for this one), it’s a great way to hang out and get to know one another before the wedding.

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Engagement Photos | Become comfortable in front of the camera.

Having your photo taken isn’t always easy. Especially when it’s your wedding day and emotions are running high and everybody’s watching. But as they say, practice makes perfect. Engagement sessions are low pressure shoots with no time crunch. You can pick a nice, relaxing location, wear something that you feel comfortable in and get used to the feeling of being in the spotlight. Think of it as a rehearsal for the wedding – a dry run.

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Should we do an engagement session? | “We just don’t have any good pictures of us together.”

We hear this from our couples all the time. Selfie sticks are clever and all, but not everyone wants to look like a complete tool on the hiking trail. Sure, you can always hand your phone over to a stranger to take the shot, but how’s that going to turn out? Engagement photos to the rescue!

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Engagement Photos | It spruces up your “save the dates.”

A simple design with an elegant font can be classy, but if you’re using a photo, you’ll want it to be a good one. In other words, not a cell phone pic.

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Should we do an engagement session? | Contrast to your wedding shoot.

There are two types of weddings in Colorado: mountain and urban. This is a direct result of what makes the Centennial State such a wonderful place to live. We have a bustling metropolitan city in close proximity to the majestic Rocky Mountain wilderness. It’s the best of both worlds. But when planning your wedding, you generally have to choose one or the other. So, for example, if you book your wedding at the Four Seasons in downtown Denver, you might want to do your engagement session in the mountains. And vice versa. This way, you get as much variety as possible.

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Engagement Photos | You’ll get some amazing photos!

And if you’re up for doing something a little bit different, you’ll get some really amazing photos. We have a whole list of cool “alternative session” ideas that don’t involve posing awkwardly in a field. From Holi powder to roller coasters, Cross-fit to skydiving, fireworks to an underwater shoot, we’re up for anything here at J. La Plante Photo.

Take a look at some of our past Alt Sessions to get a better idea of what we like to do.

bride and groom throwing holi powder
So, should we do an engagement session? Only you and your fiancé can decide whether or not it’s right for you. But for the reasons above – and a few others – a lot of couples like to have it included in their wedding photography package.

Be sure to stay tuned until next time, when we’ll be discussing what to expect from your engagement session. Cheers!

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