portrait of bride and groom at spring wedding at Black Canyon Inn
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Spring Wedding at Black Canyon Inn

Kristine and Dustin warned their guests that their spring wedding at the Black Canyon Inn might see any kind of weather. After all, springtime in the Rockies is notorious for its variety. But it turned out that the Weather of the Day was perfect for their Workout of the Day with the right amount of sun and just a little breeze.

Fitness is a huge part of Kristine and Dustin’s life together. Their relationship began after they met at the CrossFit gym that Dustin owns in Omaha, Nebraska. So, naturally, both of them managed to squeeze in a quick workout to get the wedding day jitters out (and maybe purge a little alcohol from the night before). Their wedding party joined in, too – although the ladies had a significantly better showing than the guys did!

While capturing Kristine’s workout, it dawned on me that the traits that are valuable in a workout partner are strikingly similar to the traits you want in a spouse. Will your person push you to always improve? Do they enjoy the struggle alongside you? Do you have similar goals? Do their strengths and skills complement your own? Will they climb on top of a waterfall with you when your wedding photographers have one more photo idea? (Ok, maybe that last one isn’t necessary in a workout partner, but I’d say it’s a definite for a life partner.)

Kristine and Dustin, we are so honored to have spent the day celebrating with you and your family and friends. May you enjoy all of your workouts – in CrossFit and in life – including the ones that don’t feel particularly enjoyable at the time.

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