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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

There are so many kick-ass wedding venues in Colorado, it’s hard to keep track of them all. And that’s coming from someone who works in the wedding industry. Wedding venues are kind of like breweries in Denver and the Rocky Mountains. They keep popping all over the place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose your wedding venue in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

So how do you begin to narrow down the search? The easy way would be to start by reading this article which includes 10 of our favorite wedding venues in Colorado.

Another way narrow down your search would be to ask yourself a few questions, which will quickly and efficiently help you hone in on what’s most important to you and, in turn, which venues would be the best fit.

Choosing a wedding venue | Urban or Mountain?

First and foremost, are you more of a city person or a nature person? In Colorado, this is tantamount to choosing between Denver and somewhere in the mountains, but it will work regardless of where you live. Answering this simple question should immediately rule out 50% (or more) of all your available options.

If you’re having trouble deciding between urban or mountain, think about what kind of vibe you’re going for. Do you have guests coming from out of town. If so, this is likely a mini-vacation for them. What type of experience would you like to curate for their weekend getaway?

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Location, Location, Location

Once you’ve narrowed it down to an urban wedding venue or a mountain wedding venue, dig a bit deeper. Which area are you most attracted to? If you’ve decided on Denver, do you want a grittier feel for your wedding or a more upscale, polished vibe. If the former, you might start by looking for wedding venues in the River North Art District (RiNo). If the latter, you’ll probably want to start with some of the high-rise hotels downtown.

If you’ve decided on the mountains, think about what’s in the vicinity. Cool views of snowcapped mountain peaks? Delicious breweries and restaurants? Great hiking trails? Ski resorts, if you’re having a winter wedding? Which activities would you like your family and friends to have access to during your wedding weekend?

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Consider Guest Count

Size matters! How many guests are you having at your wedding? If the answer is 75, you’ll have tons of options for venues that can accommodate you. If it’s going to be a big blowout wedding with 250 guests, your list of qualifying venues will be cut down considerably.

Another consideration here is the variety of lodging in the area. If you want to have a 250-person wedding in Durango, your guests might find it a bit challenging to find accommodations, especially during peak season.

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On-site Coordinator

We’ve all heard of wedding planning companies, but some venues employ their own, in-house coordinator who can help you plan your day. This is someone who knows the venue and surrounding area inside and out and can help guide you through your entire wedding planning process.

When contacting venues to set up tours, ask if they have an on-site coordinator. If this is a luxury you decide you’d like to have, it will help narrow down your search when determining how to choose a wedding venue.

(Want to just sit back and enjoy every part of your day? Contact us and we’ll introduce you to the most kick-ass wedding coordinators in Colorado!)

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Does the wedding venue have a backup ceremony site?

Finally, be sure to ask if the venue has a backup ceremony site in case of inclement weather. If they do have a backup location, what does it look like? Is the view still cool or is it inside a reception hall with fluorescent lighting?

Weather is extremely unpredictable in Colorado, so the chances that a storm will move in just as you’re about to say your vows is more likely than you might think.

Check out our recent post on how to plan for weather on your wedding day for more info.

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Thanks for taking the time to our article about how to choose your wedding venue! Also, be sure to check out our full Colorado wedding venue directory, in which we break down all of our favorite venues in the state by location and list which types of weddings each venue is best suited for. And, as always, feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions for us. Cheers!

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