portrait of bride and groom with fall foliage at Telluride elopement
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Telluride Elopement

In October of 2022, Jesse and I were at home with a rare weekend off from weddings in what’s typically our busiest month of the season. I was doing what I’m currently doing now and catching up on writing blog posts. Jesse was sequestered in his editing cave. And we both got a notification on our phones of an email from Carolyn and Logan asking if we could chat about possibly covering their Telluride elopement the following year.

I don’t always remember where I was when a couple first reaches out, but I do for Carolyn and Logan’s Telluride elopement for two reasons. First, we were already familiar with Logan as he’s also a wedding photographer in Colorado. We all tend to run in the same circles and the Colorado wedding industry is a very friendly and uplifting community to be in.

Secondly, though, when I told them I actually had some time right then and we hopped on a call, they admitted to me that we were their first call. Not just that they called us before looking for a venue. Not just the first photographer they talked to. Their first call after getting engaged. And they were willing to shift their preferred wedding date based on our availability.

Holy shit, no pressure.

Luckily, talking to them for the very first time was like talking to lifelong friends. Over the next months, we had the chance to hang with Logan at a photography conference and meet up with both Carolyn and Logan over tacos. So by the time we showed up at their rental house outside of Telluride, that feeling I got on the phone had solidified into reality.

That weekend, we were both photographers and guests. We stayed at the house with Carolyn, Logan, and their closest friends and family. We shared meals with everyone while also documenting all the big and small moments. We laughed with them, cried with them, and were hand-fed freshly cooked fish. If this style of wedding were to catch on, I’d be one happy photographer.

Carolyn and Logan, aside from it being the biggest honor to capture your wedding, we are so happy to have you as friends. We loved all the amazing conversations we had with you and your friends and family. Thank you for giving us complete access to every single part of your wedding day and being up for every idea we had!

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