silhouette photo of bride and groom at sanctuary wedding

Sanctuary Wedding

Most of the time, in Colorado, rain in the forecast means that you need to postpone the ceremony by about 15 minutes for a torrential downpour to do its thing and move on. Then all you have to do is get the chairs wiped down and you’re good to go! But for Michelle and Joe’s Sanctuary wedding, the forecast was a bit unusual: sandwiched between weeks of sunny weather, their wedding day forecast showed rain. All. Day. Long.

Now, it’s pretty well-known that rain on your wedding day is lucky. It’s a cleansing presence, washing away all the sorrows and bad memories of the past. Personally, I’m a fan because it brings out the richest, most beautiful colors Colorado has to offer. It is also often a welcome cool-down on hot summer days.

So while the weather may not have been a bright sunny day like the kind that Colorado is most well-known for, no amount of rain could have possibly extinguished the torch Michelle and Joe carry for each other. The drizzle instead provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration, which was warmed by their radiant smiles and infectious laughter. Guests enjoyed cozy conversations by the fire and a hot dance floor.

Michelle and Joe, may you have buckets full of happiness and luck in your marriage…as well as buckets full of TEQUILA!

Venue: Sanctuary Golf Course
Floral: Newberry Bros.
DJ: Elite Entertainment

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