sunset portrait of bride and groom at Estes Park Resort wedding

Estes Park Resort Wedding

From the very beginning of imagining their Estes Park Resort wedding, Brittany and Tony knew they had a large community that wanted to celebrate with them. So when the pandemic first hit, they paused their plans and waited. They rescheduled. They planned. They re-planned. And they waited some more. For what felt like eons some days.

But it was all worth it. By the time we arrived at the Estes Park Resort for their wedding, all of their friends and family were ready to party. I knew it would be a blast from the moment I set foot inside the getting ready cabin and immediately heard the pop of a champagne cork. (Also confirmed when Jesse texted me that he had to wear earplugs over at the guys’ cabin and that they were shotgunning beers before noon).

All day long, the emotions ran high as Brittany and Tony’s friends and family commemorated their relationship. There were tears (happy), laughter (joyous), cheers (rowdy), plus moonshine, cigars, and the perfect music for dancing your face off. Their wedding had absolutely everything that you’d want in a celebration two years in the making.

Brittany and Tony, to say your party was anything less than a cathartic expression of the pent up emotions and need to celebrate we’ve all accumulated over the past year and a half would be a lie. Thank you for the raucous good time and for being such lovely people. We hope you are enjoying the beach after a long (looooooooong) time spent planning your wedding. You deserve it!

Venue/catering: Estes Park Resort, Dunraven
Planning: JA Special Events
Hair: CRU Studio
Floral: Statice Floral
Cake: Colorado Rose Cake Co.
DJ: Mark Franzen
Video: Nolan Campbell

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