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Black Canyon Homestead Wedding

On wedding days, I like to ask our couples how they’re feeling at various times. Ostensibly, this question helps me check in with them to see if there’s anything we can do to make the experience more enjoyable. But I’ve found that it also helps bring them into the present, so they can more easily remember the day and how they felt. So when I asked Michele how she was feeling just before her first look with Eric at their Black Canyon Homestead wedding, I was intrigued when she shrugged and said she felt pretty calm.

Usually the answer to this question is a mix of emotions: excitement, jitters, happiness, stress about a meddling relative, a twinge of melancholy that it’s all moving by so quickly. All of these often get lumped together under the term “nerves.” And while it’s totally normal to feel this strange cocktail of emotions on your wedding day, I’m always curious about the folks who are completely unruffled.

In Michele and Eric’s case, though, it was immediately clear why the “nerves” were absent. These two are both incredibly brilliant people. After all, they met working together in a cryogenics lab where they use science I couldn’t possibly begin to understand to make the world a better place. Not only are they deeply analytic people, they also have strong intuitions. There’s no doubt in my mind that Michele and Eric looked at their relationship from every possible angle. And having deemed it worthy, they were both secure in knowing how right they are for each other. Which leaves zero room for nerves.

So with that knowledge, they launched confidently into enjoying every single moment of their wedding day surrounded by a small but tightly knit group of their closest friends and family.

Michele and Eric, thank you for trusting us to be guides on your wedding day! We had a great time working with you and I’d say that all that HR paperwork was definitely worth it.

Venue/catering: Black Canyon Inn – The Homestead
Officiant: Making Relationships Thrive
Sweet treats: Button Rock Bakery
Hair: Bella Capelli Weddings
Florals: Best Day Design
DJ: Gotta Dance DJs

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