Hoosier Ridge engagement
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Hoosier Ridge Engagement

Emily and Luther moved to Colorado for the hiking. On my very first phone call with them, I think we spent more time talking about our favorite (or top five, because it’s hard to pick just one) hiking spots than talking about their wedding. Naturally, when it came time to plan their Alt Session, an epic hike was the top contender, which led us to a sunny Hoosier Ridge engagement session last week.

But it didn’t start out that simple.

Both Jesse and I like to have a solid plan in place that we know we can trust and fall back on. For Emily and Luther’s engagement session, we had settled on a hike to Sky Pond. The location had important meaning to them and it had been on our photo bucket list for years. It was a no-brainer. So when we found ourselves having to admit that it wouldn’t work out after a very challenging (and in Jesse’s case, damp) scouting hike the week before, we were a little despondent. We racked our brains, over a pint or two, trying to figure out a spot with epic views.

Enter Hoosier Ridge. Jesse and I drove through Hoosier Pass for the first time on a treacherously snowy trip back from the Grand Canyon earlier this year. Because I wasn’t driving, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the area. I filed it away in my brain for when we might need it, but it didn’t stay filed away for long. Luckily for all of us, the last-minute change of plans couldn’t have worked out better. The weather was sublime. The snow was passable but still provided enough of a challenge to make you feel like you really earned the views. And it was a location that Emily and Luther hadn’t yet visited, so we all got to explore together.

I’m often quick to worry when things don’t go precisely according to my plan, in spite of the fact that we often advise couples to just lean in to wedding day “imperfections.” Emily and Luther’s Hoosier Ridge engagement session was a good reminder to myself to plan as much as possible and then make the most of how the day turns out.

Emily and Luther, thank you for going on an adventure with us! Your laughter is infectious, your dipping form is on point, and you always have extra hats. You’re basically the perfect hiking crew and we cannot wait for your wedding next year!

Pre-hike beverages: Broken Compass Brewing.

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