intimate colorado elopement at couple's home

Intimate Colorado Elopement

It’s kind of an understatement to say that weddings have changed in the past few months. But in spite of a global pandemic, it’s so heartwarming to see couples finding unique ways to celebrate, like Madeline and Steve did with their intimate Colorado elopement.

Originally, Madeline and Steve’s wedding was already going to be fairly small. Just close family, gathered in a beautiful mountain location for a quick ceremony. But as Colorado and the rest of the country began to shut down at the end of March, it became more clear that even a tiny gathering like the one they had planned would not take place.

So Madeline and Steve “pivoted.” Their small wedding became even smaller, with just the two of them at their cozy mountain home tucked away in the middle of a pine forest. Their family joined via video conference so their siblings could preside over their wedding as originally planned. Vows were read, rings (and ski straps) were exchanged, and from hundreds of miles away, their family shared beautifully endearing stories of the couple. And through the power of the internet, they were pronounced married!

The long-distance digital celebration continued with a champagne toast, paired with the most decadent cake I’ve ever seen. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the start of a lifetime together. All in all, this intimate Colorado elopement was a huge success.

Madeline and Steve, thank you for trusting us to document your wedding day, in whatever configuration. We can’t wait to party with you and your family next year when parties are allowed again!


bride waiting to elope in colorado

groom waiting to elope

groom seeing bride for first time during colorado elopement

bride and groom streaming elopement

intimate colorado elopement

couple laughing during wedding ceremony

groom laughing during colorado elopement ceremony

couple during colorado elopement

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computer and champagne for zoom wedding
cutting cake at home elopement

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streaming wedding during coronavirus

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