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San Juan Mountains Engagement

When I first talked to Michelle and Jamie on the phone, it was an instant connection. Not just because they’ve been texting me photos of their adorable Aussie ever since (although that doesn’t hurt). Instead, it was because their passion for adventure was matched only by their passion for each other. Their choice for an engagement session was perhaps the sweetest words any photographer can hear: “Anywhere that’s been on your list for a while that you’re really excited about, because this is a collaboration.”

So that’s how we ended up on an epic Colorado road trip last week, for Michelle and Jamie (and Eli)’s San Juan mountains engagement session.

Now, we could have easily found a quiet meadow in the area with mountain views and wildflowers and the images would have been beautiful. But that’s not our style. Nor is it Michelle and Jamie’s. Instead, we spent several hours over the course of two days exploring every spot the area had to offer. Starting with driving a treacherous shelf road, carved into the side of a mountain, to find a particular lake.

Once we made it to the breathtaking views of the lake, Michelle and Jamie ran up and down the mountain slopes – chased by Eli and fueled by the fun they have whenever they’re together – until we were shooed away by rapidly approaching thunder. From there, we explored two waterfalls in a cozy forest more reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest than Colorado. We wrapped up the day with blue hour photos in a quaint mountain town.

Michelle and Jamie, your absolute eagerness for every adventure we suggested was inspiring. The joy and curiosity you bring to your lives guarantees that you’ll never have a dull moment. We’re counting down the days until next June!

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