Portrait of bride and groom at Sunrise Amphitheater wedding
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Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

After Tyler & Landon’s huge blowout celebration at the end of September, we switched gears for October, starting with Jovanka & Alex’s intimate Sunrise Amphitheater wedding in Boulder.

Jovanka is a bride after my own heart, starting wedding planning two years in advance. When she first reached out, the wedding she and Alex were thinking of looked very different. There were more guests, a bigger venue, and a lot more moving parts. But two years is a lot of time to think about what you really want from your wedding. So part of the way through planning, they decided to make some big changes in order to have the wedding that fit who they are.

That wedding was smaller, with only their very closest friends and family. It skipped elaborate decor in favor of a naturally beautiful setting. It was more relaxed, less rushed than a typical wedding timeline. It unfolded organically so everyone could appreciate the funny moments that made their day unique – like the national anthem striking up right as their ceremony began, floating over from a high school football field.

By not having to worry about taking photos of staged details that will soon be forgotten, we were able to focus on capturing the true reason that Jovanka and Alex were having a wedding: to commemorate their relationship with the people who mean the most to them. And those interactions – the laughter, the smiles, the tears – are what make weddings worth celebrating.

Jovanka and Alex, thank you for being unapologetically yourselves. And more so for putting on a wedding that recharged our creativity and reminded us why we do this for a living. Živeli to you two (with rakija, of course)!

Ceremony: Sunrise Amphitheater
Reception: Acreage by Stem Ciders
Hair and makeup: Wedlocks

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