nighttime portrait of bride and groom at Villa Parker wedding

Villa Parker Wedding

Well, we had a bit of a busy fall and winter with weddings, teaching and travel, so get ready for a fall and winter wedding blog tsunami! Starting with Sarah and Joe’s “alt gothic” Villa Parker wedding.

Sarah and Joe’s first look is probably in my top ten list of Best First Looks of All Time. I love first looks for several reasons. They obviously help us create a more relaxed timeline and give couples a chance to spend some quality time together on the wedding day without feeling like they’re being pulled in a million different directions.

But I also love them because wedding preparation can be hectic and full of big emotions. And the person you’d normally turn to for comfort when dealing with chaos isn’t there beside you. So the first look ends up being a comforting moment where you finally get to be with your person. You get to share all the highs and lows of getting ready, talk about which groomsman forgot his shoes (there’s always one) and feel all the nerves dissipate.

This was absolutely the case with Sarah and Joe. As soon as they saw each other, they both broke into the biggest smiles I’d seen all day. The relief and comfort they felt finally getting to be together was palpable. It made their portrait time about as relaxing and comfortable as wearing your favorite pair of sweats – which they did at the end of the evening!

Sarah and Joe, you two are adorable together and we enjoyed seeing all the personal touches you put into your wedding day to reflect your relationship. Especially the Lego person assembly activity. My Lego birdman has a place of honor in my office, and recently gained a new friend from another wedding!

Check out some detail images from Sarah and Joe’s album above!
They chose a black ornamental box and granite cover with laser engraved initials to compliment their alt-goth theme.

Interested in getting some cool photos of your own?
Reach out and we’ll brainstorm ideas together.

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