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Bishop Castle Wedding

Ok, so maybe Sarah and Joe didn’t exactly have a Bishop Castle wedding (you can check out their wedding blog post here), but we would love to capture someone getting married there, so this is us putting it out into the Google-sphere!

When I first talked to Sarah and Joe on the phone, they described themselves as “alt goth.” So not exactly the emo goth we all knew in high school. Instead, they’re drawn toward an more elegant macabre aesthetic. Which means that when they talked about doing a post-wedding session at a castle, I knew exactly where to take them.

Tucked away just past the tiny mountain town of Rye is Bishop Castle, a one-man project that is as impressive as it is terrifying. Impressive because Jim Bishop built it all by hand using reclaimed materials or what he could find on the land. Terrifying because it’s not exactly built to code and the upper levels get your heart racing.

Luckily, Sarah and Joe were game for everything we asked! And they even brought the most epic cloaks for blue hour, Game-of-Thrones-esque portraits.

Sarah and Joe, we’re so glad you decided to add an Alt Session, not only so we could capture some legendary images, but also because we really enjoyed hanging out with you two outside of the typical chaos of a wedding day!

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