Chief Hosa Lodge Wedding

Chief Hosa Lodge Wedding

Catherine’s a girl who knows what she wants and goes after that, and that’s something I hold in the highest regard. Her persistence was evident in the many stories shared at Catherine & Kacey’s Chief Hosa Lodge wedding. And even though it was snowy and cold outside, the lodge was warmed by the fire and good company.

Catherine & Kacey’s story of how they got together is perhaps one of the most charming I’ve ever heard, and a perfect example of Catherine’s tenacity. After years of their dads conspiring to have Kacey teach Catherine basic-to-advanced car maintenance, Catherine found herself single with her sights on Kacey. Daily, she would visit the gas station where Kacey worked on cars. But, she had to play coy. She found various completely-valid-and-not-at-all-made-up reasons to swing by. One day, she needed a pack of gum. The next, she needed a dollar’s worth of gas (can’t get caught on an empty tank!). The day after that, she needed another pack of gum. Etcetera.

Catherine’s dad first suspected something was up when he borrowed her car one day only to find it littered with empty packs of gum and receipts for miniscule amounts of gasoline. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Catherine & Kacey’s wedding was filled to the brim with personal touches:

The couple shared their first kiss on April 1, 2011, and tied the knot exactly six years later – due in no small part to Catherine researching when April 1st would land on a Saturday and announcing to the unaware Kacey that they would be getting hitched that day. His response? Sure, sounds good.

Catherine’s dress was made by her great grandmother and worn by her grandmother, mother, and aunt at their own weddings.

Of course, the gum made an appearance, with each guest receiving a pack of Extra gum, in spearmint, peppermine, or polar ice.

The bride and her father took auctioneering classes and have participated in several charity auctions together. So, naturally, at their wedding, they auctioned off a pack of gum for $40.

Finally, the fathers of the bride and groom made copies of all the receipts from Catherine’s many trips to woo Kacey, which Catherine’s mom rained down on the dance floor.

Jesse and I could hardly ask for a better celebration to jump back into wedding season with. And as we’re looking at snow and rain in the forecast for tomorrow, we hope that Catherine & Kacey have sunny days on their treehouse honeymoon in Belize!

Venue:  Chief Hosa Lodge
Planner/Linens/Rentals:  Erika Sandoval Events
Catering:  Rocky Mountain Catering
Florist:  Arapahoe Floral
Hair & Makeup: Pamela Law
DJ:  Denver Pro DJs
Photo Booth:  Flash Box Photo

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