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There are so many wedding photographers in Colorado, how do you even begin to go about selecting one for your wedding? The most obvious place to start is by viewing portfolios on the various photographers’ websites and Instagram feeds. But a portfolio is a collection of the absolute best individual images taken over the course of a photographer’s entire career. The more effective approach just might be to take some time to look through photographers’ recent weddings to get a sense of what they’ve been creating lately.

We’ve been shooting for the better part of two decades here at J. La Plante Photo and we’re constantly tweaking our style and our approach – not only our approach to shooting weddings, but also our approach to editing wedding photos as well. Our recent work bears little resemblance to the weddings we shot when we were first starting out all those years ago. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together this collection of our most recent weddings for you to quickly see what we’ve been creating lately. We want to give you the clearest picture of what our shooting style looks like at the moment to better help you decide if we would be a good fit for your wedding.

Take some time to look through the galleries below and feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions for us or if you would like to check our availability for your wedding date. We’re just an email, phone call or text away!

Also, if you have a specific type of wedding in mind, feel free to take a look through our other archives:
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Finally, be sure to check out the galleries of our most recent Alt Sessions (our answer to traditional engagement photo sessions) as well. Cheers!

Bride and Groom with Confetti Cannons | Lodge at Cathedral Pines Wedding | Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Lodge at Cathedral Pines Wedding

Tia and Jason’s winter wedding at Lodge at Cathedral Pines wedding couldn’t have been a better celebration to round out our full year of weddings, elopements and engagements! We love small and simple weddings, especially when they’re packed with as much laughter, happy tears and festivity as possible. You know those feel-good Christmas movies that…
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Unique groom portrait | Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding | Denver Same Sex Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

Jesse and I always say that it’s your wedding’s imperfections that make it memorable. And that’s true, I promise. But we don’t ever hope that one of your wedding’s imperfections is food poisoning. Unfortunately for Ajay and Jacob, the night before their Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding brought just that. Now, normally, I wouldn’t start off…
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Bride and Groom in sculpture | Ironworks Wedding | Denver Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Ironworks Wedding

After most weddings, Jesse and I head home to drink whiskey and cull photos into the early morning hours. Not so after Christine and Dan’s wedding. Instead, we unpacked, hydrated, stretched, recharged batteries, and recharged ourselves. Because we had a big responsibility to bring our A-game to Frances and Bryce’s Ironworks wedding the very next…
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Bride and Groom Under the Stars | Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding | Denver Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding

Perhaps one of our biggest honors is to be asked to photograph the wedding of another event professional. After all, these people know what makes an amazing event. They’ve worked with some of the best vendors around and for them to reach out and choose us…well, it’s kind of a big deal. Which is why…
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Unique Bride and Groom Portrait | Tapestry House Wedding | Fort Collins Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Tapestry House Microwedding

There are so many things I love about Alli and Shawn and their Tapestry House wedding, I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe with the most obvious? They feel the same way we do about white dresses in that they’re not a requirement for a wedding. Alli actually told me about the dress she…
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Groom and Groom Under the Stars | Aspen Meadows Resort Wedding | Aspen Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Aspen Meadows Resort Wedding

When we showed up for Andy and Mate’s Aspen Meadows Resort wedding last weekend, we had a secret. We’d been let in on a not-so-little surprise that Andy had arranged for Mate. Now, Jesse and I are no strangers to wedding surprises. From over-the-water bungalows to Big Buck Hunter to shark-themed first looks, I thought…
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Sunset Wedding Photo | Lionsgate Wedding | Boulder Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Lionsgate Wedding

If I were to write a checklist on how to personalize your wedding – not what the wedding industrial complex tells you and a million other couples is “unique,” but what you can actually do to personalize your wedding – I would use Jess and Chris’s Lionsgate wedding as an example. How do you feel about…
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Unique Bride and Groom Photo | New York Destination Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographers | J. La Plante Photo

New York Destination Wedding

I never went to summer camp growing up. Montana’s not really a summer camp kind of place. I’ve had friends who went to camp, first as campers and later as counselors. They have lifelong connections to the place and the people they met there. The way they talk about it has always made me wonder…
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Mountain Wedding Photos | Pine Creek Cookhouse Wedding | Aspen Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Pine Creek Cookhouse Wedding

This wedding season has been the year of white whales! First, we finally made it to the Stanley Hotel in May. Then we got to take a couple up Trail Ridge Road. And last weekend, we were fortunate to photograph Marissa and Abe’s Pine Creek Cookhouse wedding, just outside of Aspen. How did the Ashcroft…
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Bride and Groom Sunset Portrait | 3M Curve Wedding | Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

3M Curve Wedding

For the second time in four days, Jesse and I found ourselves driving the familiar road up to Estes Park. This time, we were headed into the mountains for Kaylena and Dustin’s 3M Curve wedding inside Rocky Mountain National Park. Kaylena and Dustin live in Oklahoma, where Dustin is a farmer. Due to his schedule,…
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Bride and Groom in Rocky Mountain National Park | Black Canyon Inn Wedding | Estes Park Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Black Canyon Inn Elopement

I doubt it’s a surprise to anyone that my favorite thing about living in Colorado is all the amazing views of the mountains. There are far too many epic vistas to count. With each new wedding, however, we do our best to find a spot we’ve never photographed before. Jean Marie and Jamie’s Black Canyon…
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Bride and Groom Portrait | Lionsgate Wedding | Boulder Wedding Photographer | J. La Plante Photo

Lionsgate Event Center Wedding

A month ago when we got together for Kacey and Chris’s RiNo engagement session, the temps in Colorado were solidly in the perfect-for-rooftop-beers range. Last weekend for their Lionsgate Event Center wedding? Just a bit toastier, at a whopping 100 degrees. But in spite of the heat, Kacey and Chris managed to stay impressively cool….
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