Planning a mountain wedding

There’s just something about mountain weddings in Colorado. The air is clean, the people are happy and the views are breathtaking. And, our course, there are endless outdoor activities to keep wedding guests occupied if they’re coming in from out of town (skiing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, to name just a few). It’s no wonder that Colorado has become such a popular wedding destination for couples all over the world looking for a secluded location to tie the knot.

From Breckenridge to Durango, Aspen to Vail, Glenwood Springs to Steamboat Springs, there are countless mountain wedding venues in Colorado to choose from. We often joke that the state is so beautiful, you could pull your car over to the side of any road in the Rocky Mountains and it would be the perfect spot for a wedding.

When planning a mountain wedding, be sure to encourage your family and friends to drink water in abundance and alcohol in moderation, especially if they’re coming in from out of town and aren’t accustomed to being in the mountains. Altitude sickness is no joke! Also, make sure they carpool and/or rent all-wheel drive vehicles. Weather in the high Rockies can be unpredictable throughout all four months of the year. In fact, we photographed a wedding in Breckenridge on the summer solstice a few years ago and it snowed nearly two inches.

We’ve been photographing mountain weddings in Colorado since we moved here way back in 2008 and we have had the pleasure of traveling to every corner of the state. We’ve shot hundreds of weddings during that time, the vast majority of which have been in the mountains. Below, you’ll find just a handful of our favorite mountain weddings from over the years. Take some time to browse and let us know if you have any questions or would like to check our availability for your wedding. We’re just an email, text or phone call away!

blue hour portrait of bride and groom at Estes Park wedding at Black Canyon Inn

Estes Park Wedding at Black Canyon Inn

Midway through the reception at Sarah and Austin’s Estes Park wedding at Black Canyon Inn, I was standing at the venue’s large plate glass windows overlooking the Rocky Mountains trying to determine if the sunset would be interested enough to take the bride and groom outside for sunset photos. I was slightly bummed out because…
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bride and groom with glow jackets under the stars

Taharaa Mountain Lodge Wedding

Generally speaking, when you’re planning a wedding, you book a venue and hire a planner first. But in the case of Kass and Zack’s Taharaa Mountain Lodge wedding, the first item on their to-do list was to pick a photographer. In fact, they even included this info on their wedding program (see photo below): “Days…
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The Boulders Estes Park wedding portrait of bride and groom at mountain wedding venue

The Boulders Estes Park Wedding

After a short couple of months off from weddings to cozy up and refresh our creativity, we dove right into the 2024 wedding season with three weddings in four days! Starting with Lacey and Josh’s raucous party at the Boulders, Estes Park’s premier wedding venue! It’s no secret we love working at the Black Canyon…
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unique rustic mountain wedding venue in Estes Park, Colorado

Winter Wedding at The Boulders

We wrapped up our 2023 wedding season “early” for us with a mid-December winter wedding at the Boulders, one of our favorite venues in all of Colorado. From the very first meeting I had with Meredythe and Robert, two things were clear: They work hard and they play hard. The working hard part was more…
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portrait of bride and groom in castle

Bishop Castle Wedding

Ok, so maybe Sarah and Joe didn’t exactly have a Bishop Castle wedding (you can check out their wedding blog post here), but we would love to capture someone getting married there, so this is us putting it out into the Google-sphere! When I first talked to Sarah and Joe on the phone, they described…
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portrait of bride and groom with fall foliage at Telluride elopement

Telluride Elopement

In October of 2022, Jesse and I were at home with a rare weekend off from weddings in what’s typically our busiest month of the season. I was doing what I’m currently doing now and catching up on writing blog posts. Jesse was sequestered in his editing cave. And we both got a notification on…
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Portrait of bride and groom at Sunrise Amphitheater wedding

Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding

After Tyler & Landon’s huge blowout celebration at the end of September, we switched gears for October, starting with Jovanka & Alex’s intimate Sunrise Amphitheater wedding in Boulder. Jovanka is a bride after my own heart, starting wedding planning two years in advance. When she first reached out, the wedding she and Alex were thinking…
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portrait of bride and groom with stage lighting at Crested Butte wedding

Crested Butte Wedding

As anyone who lives in a travel destination knows, there’s the version of your town that the tourists see. And then there’s the real version that only the locals and a select few of their favorite people get to experience. Carrie and Conrad’s Crested Butte wedding weekend was the latter. We started our local’s tour…
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portrait of bride and groom at the boulders wedding

The Boulders Wedding

We don’t walk into every wedding and immediately feel like we’re hanging out with friends. But at Heather and Chris’s Boulders wedding, we did! From my very first conversation with Heather to their flower-filled engagement session to the very end of the wedding reception, it felt like we had known this couple for a lifetime….
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portrait of bride and groom at Grand Lake Lodge wedding

Grand Lake Lodge Wedding

I’m not a fan of trends in general. They become outdated just as quickly as they show up. But post-pandemic, we’ve been seeing a new trend pop up: the epic wedding weekend. If this trend means that more couples get to celebrate the way Jen and Ross did at their Grand Lake Lodge wedding, I’m…
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